COVID-19 measures for Easterns

Current COVID limitations for ski competitions in Quebec have a limit of  1000 participants, however due to a gap of volunteers. No Spectators are allowed. Athletes, coaches and volunteers are welcome

For all race events at the Nakkertok Nordic Centre, Nakkertok Ski 
Association requires that all athletes, coaches, officials and 
volunteers who are eligible to be vaccinated, demonstrate valid proof of  vaccination. This requirement extends to all individuals regardless of  their domicile. The only exceptions that will be permitted are those of  a medical nature, as determined by the provincial authorities. The obligation to enforce this policy extends to any party or organization that is renting or operating on Nakkertok property.

Daily Declaration: Everyone coming to the race site needs to complete a daily health declaration before they leave regarding their health and are reminded that should they be sick, experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone experiencing symptoms/testing positive, please do not come to the race site.

Proof of vaccination: Québec residents must present a proof of 
vaccination (printed, electronic or via the VaxiCode application) along 
with an identification document.

Individuals who do not live in Québec and are travelling in Québec must present a valid photo ID with an address outside Québec, and a vaccine passport with a QR code or official proof of vaccination against COVID-19 issued by their country or province in Canada.  Participation eligibility includes:

  • Those who can prove full vaccination
  • Those who have a valid medical exemption with a validated daily negative rapid antigen test (such as required for airline travel) completed within 24hours of arrival on site
  • Those who are unvaccinated and do not have a medical exemption are not eligible to be on-site in any capacity.

On the official training day, athletes, coaches and team support must 
present themselves at the Chalet upon arrival on the site to have their 
proof of vaccination checked. They must do so before going to ski or 
preparing skis.

On official training and race days, the role and proof of vaccination 
will be checked at the different site entrances.

A wrist band will be given after verification and must be worn during 
the entire duration of the event. Anyone with a damaged wrist band will have to show proof of vaccination again.

Note that this process may take time. Athletes, coaches and volunteers should allow for extra time to complete it.

Mask protocol

Masks are…


  • in indoor public spaces including tents
  • while interacting with race volunteers  (eg. at bib pick-up, chip pick-up, to and from the medal podium and on the podium, except for a photo)
  • when entering the tunnel to gain entrance to the stadium and within the stadium including along the trail at Jackrabbit Hill


  • when distancing is not possible outdoors


  • once athlete has made their way into the start grid, the mask can be removed and does not need to be replaced until they leave the finish zone.