Coaches’ Corner

For Coaches


Indoor space on site will be limited.

Teams are encouraged to bring their own tent for athletes to use for changing. Teams are requested to indicate their needs for space to before January 19, 2023. Teams flying to Easterns may indicate their need for tents to before January 19, 2023.


Heated waxing facilities with power will be available and space will also be provided for teams bringing their own waxing tents/trailers. For clubs, teams and training centres using the on-site waxing facility, a list of registered skiers should be submitted to by January 19, 2023 at the latest to ensure appropriate space allocation. Priority will be given to groups who have provided such a list.

Teams with their own waxing tents/trailers should contact by January 19, 2023 to ensure space allocation. Teams bringing waxing tents are encouraged to provide their own power supply.

Waxing pits for individual sprints are only permitted in designated areas and will only be allowed after review by the Jury of the stadium size, competition format and size of the heats. Only one service team person and one wax bench per club is permitted. The location of the waxing pits will be confirmed at the TCM.

Coaches are asked to wear a bib while testing on the course or on the ski testing trail. If you do not have your bib already please go to the race office for an SFQ bib, limit 2/club from SFQ or outside Ontario.

Please note that the waxing area will be powered with generators following this schedule:

February 112:00-21:00
February 26:00-21:00
February 36:00-21:00
February 46:00-21:00
February 56:00-15:00


The weather in Gatineau/Cantley is often different from that in the City of Ottawa. This is the best source for race site weather.

Please note that competitions can be delayed or cancelled due to temperature or adverse or dangerous weather conditions.


Trail conditions will be tweeted on a regular basis via the @nakkxc twitter account, updates will be available at the TCM and via email and WhatsApp to coaches registered on Zone4 should the need arise.